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Category: Olympus EM1

Beneath The Wave

Underneath The Wave, the elevated walkway at North Greenwich, near the O2 Arena (the Millennium Dome)

The Wave

The Wave is an elevated walkway on the Greenwich Peninsula in London. I have straightened this image, so that the glass wall at the back is as close to horizontal […]

Reflections 11

I found another ‘reflections’ shot taken in Canary Wharf. I like the jagged scar across it created by the uneven surface of the water.


2 photographs of these 3 cranes, one looking at them silhouetted against the sky, the other of their reflection in the water.

nature’s mirror

Another photo taken at Arundel Wetlands Centre on 1 April 2019. I can’t think why I haven’t got round to processing these sooner. I remember having high hopes for this […]