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Category: Krakow


a tableau in the salt mine near Krakow. May 2019.

in the salt mine

In the salt mine near Krakow, May 2019. Parts of this felt like a Doctor Who set.

double exposure – Krakow

I have been working through a series of YouTube tutorials on using Luminar photo processing software, and have produced this today. The original is below, the double exposure being taken […]

Film Noir, Krakow

I decided to revisit this photo, trying a ‘film noir’ black and white treatment. I also removed the red sign at the end of the passage.

No 1 to Salwator

Krakow, 20 May 2019. In-camera double exposure. I need to work on technique for these photos. This one might have been better if I had used a tripod, so that […]