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daisy, daisy

A quick experiment a few minutes ago, before I cut the grass. Very low to the ground, macro setting.

bombylius major

bombylius major – the bee fly. seen in our garden this evening. read about it on wikipedia


I saw this jackdaw this morning, on the bird feeder in our pear tree. It shows what a hard winter it has been for the birds. This photo was taken […]


I saw this spiral pattern in the snow in one of our flowerbeds this morning.  Definitely not man-made.  It has been suggested it may be the work of a slug.

you saw the crescent

Another full moon photo, taken this evening, with the Pole Star to the left. And did you read about the barking plan the US schemed up in the 1950s to […]

clouds over the moon 2

The full moon and clouds the last couple of nights have provided some interesting photos. Here is the moon, seen through the clouds. And as it’s Halloween, here’s some Photoshopped […]