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Category: animals


a murmuration over the lagoon as we arrived in Venice, 2 June 2018

goldfinches in flight

I took a few photographs of goldfinches on the feeder last weekend, catching a few birds in flight.  These photos were taken through a window, as you can see.

nemophora degeerella

@bugmanjones on twitter says “Must be Nemophora degeerella male. Larva on dead leaves. Female antennae much shorter.”


These two beautiful birds were on the feeder in the damson tree this morning. They stayed there while I took about 60 photos. Very alert, always looking around, and eating […]

birds on a gantry

You can see all kinds of interesting things in Basingstoke, such as these gulls on a gantry over some roadworks. Photo taken through the car windscreen on my mobile phone […]

daddy long legs

This crane fly is on the kitchen door this morning (on the outside). This photo was taken from the inside.

feeding time

Yesterday I walked the Norfolk Coast Path from Cromer to Blakeney. I saw this little chap at the Salthouse Marsh nature reserve.


a fledgeling blackbird being fed by its father. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the gape.

aerial combat

I took this photo just a few minutes ago. A red kite being attacked by a crow over Swanmore.