Street Photography – week 14

The challenge for this week is Street Photography.

This morning I sat on a bench at the end of the High Street in Bishop’s Waltham with my camera in my lap, using the flip out screen. I was not looking at the camera, but pressed the shutter button when the ‘target’ was lined up with the number plate of the car on the left. Although the second lady is looking at the camera, I don’t think she registered that I took the picture.

Shutter Zoom (week 11)

This week’s assignment took me right out of my comfort zone. It is to use the zoom while taking the photograph.

I have never done anything like this. I spent most of the week thinking about it and avoiding the task. Then I finally got around to it, and took hundreds of images. I like this one best. It is marbles on a lightbox, with lots of Lightroom tweaks. I did use a tripod, but you can see that there is still a little shake in the zoom.

High Key Black and White (week 10)

This week’s challenge has been to take a high key overexposed black and white photograph. Here in the south of England we get snow rarely – some years not at all. So when I woke up earlier this week to find we had a light snowfall overnight, I knew that I had to get out and take my photograph for this week’s challenge. These are some white crocuses in our back garden.